I often get asked the same question multiple times, so I have decided to post an FAQ to clear up some of the common ones.

Are you a game developer?

I have dabbled with making games but I have never released anything publicly. I don’t code very well.

What is The Hit Squad?

The Hit Squad is an animated comedy movie about a washed-up 80s band trying to get one last hit single.

When will The Hit Squad be released?

Soon after I finish it. 🙂 23/01/17!

Why is The Hit Squad all blocky?

The Hit Squad is made using 8 bit pixel art, much like the videogames of the 80’s and 90’s.

The Hit Squad can’t be 8 bit, its 3D

All of the sprites in The Hit Squad use the same 8 bit 256 colour palette, they are rendered at a very low resolution which also qualifies them as pixel art. All of those sprites are then placed into a 3D environment.

How are you making The Hit Squad?

There’s a kinda techy post detailing the process here, I plan to do a more in depth one later.

Can I be in The Hit Squad?

Currently the only way you can BE in The Hit Squad is to buy yourself into the movie, this way it supports production and helps offset the time it takes to draw you. You can buy here, just go to the pre-order page.

Do you want voice actors for The Hit Squad?

If you have a voicereel then please pass it on. If I feel like your voice may suit a character, then I will let you know. I cannot make any judgement on your abilities if you dont have a good quality voicereel with a few examples of your voice.

Are you a gamer?

I am most definitely a gamer, my first computer was a ZX Spectrum and I have owned every major computer/console since then including Commodore 64, Amiga 500+, Atari ST, Mega drive, Game Gear, GameBoy (original and colour), NES, SNES, N64, XBox360, PS2, PSP,

My sources say that you make music, is that true?

Yes indeed, I used to go by the name “Archive Of Everything” and you can find my angsty electro-rock here

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