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Making A Cartoon Movie 8: Communication Break Down

Continued from last week: From Cartoon To Live-Action

Tjhe Hit Squad Contemporary styleSo, the big TV company had suggested a live-action version of The Hit Squad and thrown names around that I could only dream of. This was it: the big time. My colleague kept in regular contact with me about the discussions she had with the company and their ideas. The TV company didn’t like the pixel style and it had been getting in the way of their visualising it. They asked for a Family Guy style mock up of it to cleanse their palette of the pixel style.
So I got an artist friend of mine to mock up a simple, more contemporary Family Guy style look to the characters. We sent this mock-up to the company and awaited contact back. And waited.

And waited.

As it always seems to happen in the industry, no one ever dislikes an idea, they just stop returning calls. And my God if there’s one thing that I’ve spent most of this movie doing its waiting for phone calls. Eventually even the person who’d originally arranged the meetings said that due to some complication even her contact wasn’t returning calls. So that was it, end of the line.

Left with a movie script, a bunch of mock-ups and test animations and all my leads had dried up. I looked down at all the effort I’d gone through to get this picked up. Then it clicked with me. I’d already learned animation when I’d made the animation tests for companies, why couldn’t I do it myself? Sure it would take a long time, but I’d already spent years waiting

It was time for a rethink…

Next week: Rewriting Words with Friends

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