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Making A Cartoon Movie 7: From Cartoon To Live Action


Continued from last weeks blog: A List Talent On A £5k Budget

The TV company that had asked to have a meeting about The Hit Squad was huge. I’d grown up watching it, it was part of my childhood, so the idea that they wanted a meeting with me was just unbelievable. With the knowledge under my belt from the previous meeting, I knew not to budget the movie at £5k as I’d be laughed out of the door. I contacted a friend of mine who dealt with animation and he roughly estimated the movie to cost £1,000,000. He even drew up a basic breakdown of costs and explained which each one was so that when pressed about it I wouldn’t break down and cry when the company asked me to justify how I would spend £1M of their money.

I arrived at the meeting and my colleague that had set up the meeting was already sat in the chair. She was friends with these people and was laughing and joking with them as I walked in. That simultaneously put me at ease as much as it intimidated me. These people knew each other, I was a newbie with zero clue what I was doing and I had to persuade someone to spend a million pounds on an idea that literally started and continued on the back of a napkin. I felt like I was 5 years old in front of all my teachers. I sat and pitched my silly animated movie about drugged up pop stars to them and they smiled politely. I finished with “let me know if you have any questions.”, I’d secretly prepared for any questions they might ask, rehearsed my responses, I was ready.

“Why does it have to be animated?” was the first and only question that was fired. Now, I had a response as to why it was pixel animated but I had never thought about it having to be animated. “why can’t we do this live-action?”, I shrugged, completely speechless to the question. “It’d be much cheaper, less could go wrong and we could get [very famous British comedic actor] to play the lead as he’s a personal friend of mine, he’d love that. Hell, we could get [very famous and talented British director] to direct, his agent is looking for a project like this.”. “That sounds great.” I said, watching myself start to hand over my child into the hands of some very talented babysitters, which somehow still made me feel like a bad parent.

“Let’s do that, give us a month or so, we’ll get back to you with what we can do.”

Next week: Making A Cartoon Movie 8: Communication Breakdown

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