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Making a Cartoon Movie 5: From TV To Movie

Continued from last week: Don’t Fuck Up Your Script

So, after a bunch of rejections and a total rejig of the idea, The Hit Squad was going to turn from a pixel series into the world first pixel movie. How did the idea come about? Pure laziness.
I’d figured that a series would be minimum 8 episodes long at 22 minutes each which would be 176 minutes of animation. A movie would be 90 minutes. Time and money saved.
Obviously there were more factors to it. Delving deeper into one story, more breathing room with situations, movies had a little more of a perceived value etc…
So, armed with the new huge amount of back story and newly fleshed out characters, I rewrote the very first episode of the TV series into a movie. Suddenly starting to feel right,
I mocked up a basic scene with some basic pixel animation and sent it out to companies again. The response was overwhelmingly positive and meetings were hurriedly arranged with respected film producers who loved the idea, wanting to discuss budgets and cast. I spend the week researching movie budgets and was ready to blow their minds with how little it would cost them to produce. Thinking that I could take on as many of the roles as I possibly could to reduce the budget, I tallied up the final figure to £5000.
One studio head laughed at the budget “No one can make a decent movie for £5000. I refuse to do it”.

Next week: How To Make A Cartoon Movie 6: A-list Talent On A £5k Budget

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