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Making a cartoon movie 2: development is the best part

Continued from last weekNew Years (Low) Resolution

I never understood what the term ‘development’ really meant when I started making The Hit Squad movie.

Writing stuff on napkins, sketching ideas in a book, pictures, funny quotes, ideas for storylines. I thought this was production, because I had zero clue what I was doing.
I sat in my house and scribbled stuff in a notebook. At the time I was a musician and my favourite part of being a musician was coming up with cool names for songs. I had a documentary on in the background about Duran Duran and thought it’d be cool coming up with a fake 80s band and releasing an entire album under their name as a kinda ‘lost album’ from their catalogue. I wrote down the name of the band, shortly after, the three band members names followed.
The Hit Squad” was born. And Roddy Stones, Frankie Miller and Charles Whitecastle became the best band you’d never heard.

The stupid names alone started conjuring up little stories for them, where have they been all this time, who were they, why did they have such dumb names? My notebook soon filled up with randomness about this band and my computer started filling up with 80s style music that I’d been creating. “Love Is A Beast That Cannot Be Tamed”, “Finding Love In A Tramshed” and “Eye-shadow Boy” were all tracks that filled up my hard drive as this little fake band started taking on a life of their own.
The Hit Squad had a world of possibility in front of them, the next question was: What the fuck do I do with all of this?

 Next week: Making A Cartoon Movie 3: Pitching A Rick Wakeman TV Show

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