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Making A Cartoon Movie 3: Pitching A Rick Wakeman TV Show

Continued from last week: Development Is The Best Part

When I was developing The Hit Squad movie, I just had a bunch of story ideas and a a few characters. One day I randomly came across Rick Wakeman’s (outspoken member of prog rock band “Yes”) email address and thought it would be The Best Idea Ever ™ to ask him to play a wizard of a mythical dreamland powered by the sound of prog rock. His response back was short but positive, he said he was interested.

In my infinite wisdom I decided that this sketchy scrapbook of ideas and vague zero-committal Rick Wakeman endorsement would somehow be good enough to pitch as a TV series, something short, simple and outrageous. I emailed a bunch of British television companies with some rough sketches I’d made in pixel art, character descriptions, and a very very loose plot. Surprisingly, I got several emails back from people saying about how they were interested in reading scripts and having a chat with me about it. One person replied with “Rick Wakeman in a pitch document? You have my attention, sir”. Doors had started to open in this industry for this kid with zero experience. So I sat down and fleshed out these six episode ideas.

Six awful terrible clichéd episode scripts later, I started emailing people back, prideful, excited, ready to start my career as the new Matt Groening, Trey Parker or Seth McFarlane.

When the replies came back, that bubble quickly burst.

Next weekMaking A Cartoon Movie 4: don’t fuck up your script.

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