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Making A Cartoon Movie 6: A-list talent on a £5k budget

I’d budgeted up The Hit Squad movie as frugally as possible. I’d draw it, animate it, script it, voice the main characters, make the music, employing minimal people to help polish off the sharp edges. I was willing to put in 90 hours per week to do it because it was my passion project, I’d make the sacrifices to make it happen.

“You can’t make a movie for less than £250,000. It’s as simple as that. If you can find a way to raise the budget then I can get you what you need to make the movie.”

That was one of the first meetings I had. My mind reeled on how to spend £250k on making a movie. A-list names were thrown around, personal friends of the movie exec, people who would come and do their dialogue as a favour to him. This guy wanted to oversee the project personally, something he hadn’t done since he started the studio 10 years prior. He loved it and wanted to make it a success. We shook hands at the end of the meeting, the exec ready to jump straight in with The Hit Squad and get it out before the end of the year.
This was the big time. That back-of-napkin idea was suddenly a real thing made by a real company. My phone rang again, it was another production studio wanting to talk about making the movie for a British TV company. They wanted a budget drawn up for them.

Next week: Making A Cartoon Movie 7: From Cartoon To Live Action

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