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Making A Cartoon Movie 4: Don’t Fuck Up Your Script

Continued from last week: Pitching a Rick Wakeman TV show

So, I pitched The Hit Squad movie. around as a little low budget TV show to a bunch of TV production companies. I was convinced that no matter what the content was, they’d love it because it was cheap to make. I’ll allow you to roll your eyes for a moment. Done? Good.

The responses came in:

“The three lead characters are all the same person”

“You can’t use the word c**t sixteen times in a 22 minute episode”

“Why is there a section marked ‘three minute musical number’?”

“There are literally no women in any of your scripts”

I looked at my scripts with confusion. It had made me laugh when I wrote it, I’d read that was the first step to writing good comedy, is to make yourself laugh first. Apparently I’d forgotten that there were other steps. Even the scripts I’d emailed to Rick Wakeman had prompted him to stop emailing me completely. Feeling deflated, I bought a bunch of screenwriting books and went back to the drawing (scripting) board (computer).

It dawned on me that I had no idea what I was doing with this and I’d probably looked foolish and amateur to the very kind and patient industry types that had entertained this moonshot. But I didn’t want to give up, I knew this was a step in the right direction.
I went back and rewrote the backstories of each character, the history of the band, the town they lived, everything. I gave character to everything and everyone, this sparked a whole slew of ideas and gave rise to the idea of making the whole show in pixel art. Hell, it’d be cheap and I could do it myself with a little bit of cash

Next week: Making a Cartoon Movie 5: From TV To Movie

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