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First up, look at the swanky new logo made by the talented Mike Bithell ^

Ok, lets get down to business and address some questions…

Where is The Hit Squad?

It’s coming.

Satisfied? No? Ok, lets delve deeper.

A few years ago when I was recording my music, making stuff seemed so easy. Fun, even. This, The Hit Squad, turned into something different mid-way through creating it and I’m still not sure what happened. Its been a rollercoaster of tears, elation, accomplishment, fear, learning and laughs. I’ve poured every inch of myself into this, something that, to most, will be a silly little cartoon which makes them giggle a couple of times. But for me, it’s been a years long project to change my life, to achieve something, to make something of myself. I needed to prove to everyone that most ‘talent’ can be created.

I always think back to those people you see at the end of the  news, the weirdos who make scaled down replicas of famous buildings and cars out of matchsticks. You think: God, that’s completely pointless, but look at what they did with just time and bits of wood. The Hit Squad became my pointless thing. It may not make me a million, but it’s something that I achieved with no experience, no pre-existing ‘talent’ or skills. Just lots and lots of time and perseverance, coupled with a stubborn-as-hell attitude that refused to admit defeat. And it’s given me a taste to try even bigger things.

So, what’s The Hit Squad like?

I’ve shown a few people the very rough cut of the film and they seem to all enjoy it (it’s pretty hard to feign laughter for 80+ minutes) but, most importantly, I got some good criticism to address. It’s no Citizen Kane, but it does have some great gags, fun story and a soundtrack that rivals any ’80s POP HITS’ compilation you have in your attic.

What’s next for The Hit Squad?

I’ve set aside two weeks to make the final finishes to the movie and then (if all goes to plan) submitting to a few film festivals around that time. In terms of release, I expect it to be a complex beast and the reality of self-distribution is likely, but I’ll give more news as soon as I know.

Apologies for the lack of official announcements, I’ve been so busy that I thought time would be better spent making stuff than planning press releases etc… Also, Jordan has stepped in to ease some of the workload off me. If you want to hear news about The Hit Squad as soon as it arrives, make sure you head over to and sign up to the email list!

See you in two weeks.

Chris – Director of The Hit Squad

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Chris Blundell AKA superpixelchris is a guy that makes things. At the moment it's a pixel comedy movie called The Hit Squad, but he also makes music and other nonsense.

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