Published on August 16th, 2013 | by Chris Blundell


Crunchy Movie Production

Hey everyone,

So, I have two weeks left of my crunch period in order to finish off The Hit Squad production. I’m super tired, but other than some odd emotional Twitter moments, I’m pretty damn happy!

As I’ve written before, the movie is well overdue, but it’s 5x the movie it was when this all started (not 5x in length, I’m not Nolan). For the next 2 weeks I’m going to go off social media and finish off this animating.  Then I move onto post-production, which should be relatively simple, in theory.

When I come back, I’ll likely be able to start having a bit of a normal life, regular hours, back to my regular job (the one I’ve been lucky enough to be away from for a year), and generally doing things away from the movie (something that is really driving me insane at the moment). I’m gonna start up the podcast again, nothing crazy ambitious, just one hour a week, easy-going fun stuff.  I really do feel like an absolute boring bastard at the moment with tweets such as ‘I spent a whole day animating someone jumping!’ or ‘god, Adobe Software colour profiles, AM I RIGHT?’

I’ve had very little in terms of social life outside of the movie. It kinda shows.

As for distribution of The Hit Squad, self-distribution is a little ambitious for a first movie. Some people have done it successfully after gaining attention at film festivals, but I’m not 100% sure whether the movie is a festival movie either. Being an animated movie that’s not aimed at kids, and given its unique look, there’s not really much to compare it to. This is either gonna work in its favour, or work against it. Either way, I know there is an audience out there for it, I want to work with a distributor who are able to help find that audience.

So, as I leave you for two weeks, I ask you one question… are YOU ready to synth?


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Chris Blundell AKA superpixelchris is a guy that makes things. At the moment it's a pixel comedy movie called The Hit Squad, but he also makes music and other nonsense.

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