Published on June 28th, 2012 | by Chris Blundell


Writing and Wronging – The Hit Squad Script

Jordan and I have been writing The Hit Squad movie
‘Why did you raise money for a movie that you haven’t written yet?’ one of you almost said.
Well, the movie is written. But we wanted to make it awesomer, amazinger and radder. We want everything to be the best it could be, iron out any poopy bits and go crazy with the good bits. So, literally days before production, we’re going through all the bits and pieces and amping it up.
We’re days away from the foot of the metaphorical mountain (it has a name, Mount Pixuvious) and we’ll be keeping you up-to-date on all the glitz and glamour (tedious lip-syncing and step-by-step animation) and fun (trying to make a full-length movie without a million dollar budget).

We’ll be posting stupid photos to help you enjoy this process more.

Production will start next week and that’s when shizzle gets rizzle.

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Chris Blundell AKA superpixelchris is a guy that makes things. At the moment it's a pixel comedy movie called The Hit Squad, but he also makes music and other nonsense.

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