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The Hit Squad! – Pre-Production

To those who don’t know, Jordan and I are making a movie. Its called The Hit Squad and its a pixellated comedy.

Second of all, we’ve been crowdfunding it and things have gone well so far. We’ve raised $7.5k of our $25k goal with over a week to go. We want to say a HUGE THANKS to everyone who has helped so far. We’ve met some amazing people, who are doing wonderful things for the movie.

For everyone wondering what the money is going to be spent on, here’s a little list of what we’ve used it on so far:

  • Desktop PC (Six Core, 32Gb RAM, 1Gb GFX card, 2Tb HDD)
  • 2TB External Hard Disk
  • 2 x Asus VS239H monitor
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (year subscription) for After Effects, Premiere
  • Various office equipment (Desk, chair, shelves…)

It’s a humble setup for a feature film but it means that will decrease rendering time by around 95%.  Plus being able to use tools such as Adobe After Effects and Premiere will mean that we can add some awesomely cool things that we will reveal later on.

As far as the rest of the money, we still need to pay for actors, animators, recording studios, audio editor/composer, more equipment… So anything you can donate will help pay for things that we desperately need!

We have 11 days left before crowdfunding closes, so if you want to back the movie, now is the time to do it!

Thanks for everyone being amazing, 11 days left! Please help!

Chris and Jordan

Super Pixel Brothers

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Chris Blundell AKA superpixelchris is a guy that makes things. At the moment it's a pixel comedy movie called The Hit Squad, but he also makes music and other nonsense.

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