Published on November 6th, 2012 | by Chris Blundell

The Hit Squad – Official Movie Teaser Trailer – 2013

This is it ladies and gentlemen, the official teaser trailer for The Hit Squad movie.

We’ve been soldiering away in the background getting this one ready for you and it should give you a little more of a taste of what to expect from The Hit Squad movie. We’re still not giving much away at this point but we at least give you the summary of the plot:

The Hit Squad follows Roddy Stones and his washed up 80s band ‘The Hit Squad’ as they try to win back their fame, fortune and recording studio, which is being taken over by their infinitely more successful rivals ‘Scourge’.

Follow the band on a journey of sex, skullduggery and synthesized music at they battle to save the only thing they give a damn about: their studio.

This movie is a completely indie movie which we crowdfunded for in March 2012. We raised $10,000 to make the movie, however we still need more to keep production going. If you would like to preorder for the release in 2013, please head to the official website

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