Published on October 31st, 2012 | by Chris Blundell


Dreams dont work unless you do

Dreaming is something we are all guilty of.  I have done it all my life. I had big dreams of being a rockstar, playing my music to areanas worldwide, selling millions of singles. You just gotta believe in yourself, right?


There’s nothing wrong with having big ideas, wanting to be top of your game and do something amazing. But the way that everything comes to fruition is hard fucking work. I’m talking every-spare-minute-you-have hard work, not where you work for an hour and then meet friends down at a bar for the rest of the night. I believe that people can be what they want to be and ‘wanting it really badly’ is part of that, but the work behind it is whats gonna get you there.

The news is filled with stories of record breaking Kickstarters, viral videos, X Factor contestants, little guys making millions. What we often don’t read is the long arduous journeys behind those overnight successes, the failures, the ‘back to the drawing board’s, the learning, the long hours and the sacrifice people make to make it happen. I see hundreds of Kickstarters die, people filled with disappointment because their idea didnt go viral.  Its heartbreaking.


One person who has inspired me a lot recently is Canadian entrepreneur (and awesome backer of The Hit SquadSteven Dengler. It took him 4 years 12 years before his currency website started making any money, it now hovers around the top 250 websites in the world. When was the last time you stuck at something for 12 years?


Dream big, but spend most of your time planning, learning, writing, working long hours, persisting. Then you’ll get to where you want to be.

I’ll leave you with the phrase “Dreams don’t work unless you do”

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Chris Blundell AKA superpixelchris is a guy that makes things. At the moment it's a pixel comedy movie called The Hit Squad, but he also makes music and other nonsense.

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