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Crowdfunding: The Aftermath

Dear ‘Everyone Who We Spoke To Over The Last 49 Days’,

As you guys know, since the super-secretive live launch, during the last 49 days Jordan and I have been raising money to make a comedy movie called The Hit Squad. After a tense, tiring, stressful and beautiful 49 days,The final total hit $10,183.

Internet, we will never be able to thank you for being so supportive to The Hit Squad. We’re more determined than ever to make the most awesome, funny, geeky movie we can. We couldn’t have had this chance without all of you awesome people. Go pat yourselves on the back, right now. Do it, we’ll wait.

Some interesting stats about the crowdfunding period:

  • Lowest Donation: $1
  • Highest donation: $1500
  • Average donation: $66.99
  • Tweets made: 7438
  • New Twitter followers: 1071
  • Emails sent: 348
  • Coffees drank: too many


So, what next for The Hit Squad?

Well, we’re gonna use all the money to fund a trip to the Caribbean we have a lot of work to do, the first thing we’re going to do is go through the script and make sure that everything is as funny and cool as it should be. Then production meetings, casting, storyboarding, recording, animating, composing, editing, post production and then working out what we need to do for release. *phew* It’s going to be another rollercoaster, but we’re ready for it and we will keep you informed along the way.

First we’re going to have a chilled week in order to recuperate and work out the schedule. 🙂

Ladies, Gentlemen, ‘others’, thank you for being wonderful and changing our lives

Chris & Jordan (and Roddy, Frank & Charles)

Aka Super Pixel Brothers

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