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Casting a Movie: Who Do You Think You Are?

So, Jordan and I have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes for The Hit Squad.

A large chunk of what we’ve been doing is organising all of the people who were lucky enough to get themselved pixellated into the movie.
Out of the 152 funders, 55 people in total managed to get themself a promise to be pixellated as a background character in the movie. Some got even luckier and landed a speaking role, which is gonna make the film somewhat interesting to direct. So we’ve been drawing pixel-by-pixel all of your beautiful faces (an also our own)
Another portion of what we’ve been doing is casting. There are quite a few speaking roles in The Hit Squad and we went through hundreds of showreels and audioreels and we’re certain that we’ve got the right talent . We’ve got some great characters in the movie and we think we’ve hit the right cast too, the picture will become clearer over the next week or so on what everyone is doing and how it’s going to pan out. In the meantime, there’s tons more work to do!

In the meantime, come make sure you follow us on Twitter (Chris & Jordan) and also take a look at our #superpixelcast on Sundays (next is 5th August)


Oh and… if you want to be sneaky, we’re extending our crowdfunding a little and you can pre-order the movie or even be pixellated into the movie as an extra like the people above. Click here

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